Rising UK Retail Crime

For UK retailers, the growing threat of crime can have hugely damaging effects on their company. From fast food restaurants to convenience stores, verbal and physical attacks are on the rise.

Over 12 months, industry research revealed that nearly two-thirds of shopworkers were verbally abused; 40 percent were threatened; around 250 were assaulted each day*; 39 percent of violent incidents resulted in injury; and weapons, including firearms, knives, axes or hammers, were used in more than 3,600 incidents.

*Usdaw’s Freedom From Fear Campaign

**The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS)

Understanding the real cost

The financial cost of robbery, burglary, staff theft and shoplifting is significant but it doesn’t stop there.

Physical and emotional harm, alongside the triggers for violence that they face each day, have a real impact on frontline staff. Low staff morale and productivity; sickness and high absenteeism costs; and poor recruitment and retention all affect the bottom-line.

And there’s also the reputational damage when customers feel unsafe and your company seems as if it’s not taking full responsibility for the wellbeing of its staff.

StaffSafe® is a bespoke security solution that communicates:

it talks to your business to understand your unique security needs and to provide a comprehensive, enhanced solution

it talks to your staff 24/7 through real-time, two-way verbal and visual connectivity to control threatening and dangerous situations

and, most of all, it says you care to your staff and customers

At StaffSafe® we begin with three principles – Intervention, Interaction and Assurance – working with you to drive forward a wide range of additional security benefits. We have developed our distinct expertise in this area over 20 years, making us the perfect partner for retailers who place real emphasis on protecting staff, customers and their bottom-line.

“It is great to think that when we have a problem we can press a button & have someone help us.”

“I love the system. Every store would benefit from it and all would be much safer!”