StaffSafe® has over 20 years’ experience in keeping your staff, property and customers safe and, over this time, we have honed our service and developed the in-house skills that make us the go-to partner for retailers seeking to protect their staff and customers in the toughest of high street environments.

We are different to the majority of alarm receiving centres who will typically provide a simple escalation path to call the emergency services. We are different as we are on hand 24 hours a day to take control of situations, de-escalate threatening events and reassure staff that help is on the way when needed.

How we’ve helped

StaffSafe® has over 6,000 installed systems and, in 2017, we were called on to speak to retail staff over 1,000,000 times during the year. During the same period, we reassured staff over 100,000 times during stressful situations, we intervened in 13,500 disturbances, we resolved 12,500 incidents of antisocial behaviour and we escalated over 7,000 serious incidents to the police across the UK. This puts us firmly at the centre of daily security and the welfare of our clients’ staff, customers and premises.

What Our Clients Say

“StaffSafe® has been a great success in our store, with it being used frequently.
We have also seen a notable reduction in losses in our inventory since the installation.”

“Every store should have it. Works 24/7, so covers any time and makes you feel safe. Better than a security guard.”