StaffSafe® product was originally developed in 2003 and it is now being used in thousands of retail outlets across the UK. It has proved to be particularly useful in lone worker situations and in outlets where anti-social behaviour, verbal abuse and theft can pose real problems for staff.




 Service                                                                                    Benefits

Audible Assistance                                                                  Increased staff safety

Audible Wristband                                                                  Enhances staff morale

Antisocial behaviour                                                                CCTV captures offenders

Restaurant closing                                                                  Delivers ‘authoritative voice’

KFC and StaffSafe®

About our client

 KFC has a decades-long history of success and innovation and was first welcomed into the UK in 1965, with its first branch in Preston in the North West. The quick service restaurant, along with Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, is a subsidiary of Yum! – one of the largest, fastest growing and most trusted restaurant brands in the world.

At the heart of the Yum! is its staff and it proudly states that: ‘At Yum! Brands, we champion our people because we know they are our greatest asset’.

Our history with KFC

 KFC UK & Ireland has been investing in StaffSafe® for its employees since its first system was installed in 2012 in Birmingham. Such has been the success that the chicken restaurant brand now has just under 80 StaffSafe® systems in operation in restaurants across the country.

 The benefit of StaffSafe®’s Audible Assistance (unit), Audible Wristband (worn on the body), and the ASB button (anti-social behaviour) has been tangible, with around 5000 system activation’s over eight years and an increase in installations of 350 per cent in the first five years.

How does it help KFC meet a challenge?

 The UK’s quick service restaurants have an acute responsibility for their staff well being and safety, especially in areas that are known to be challenging. KFC works closely with their industry peers to share experience and best practice.

Where there is an instance of antisocial behaviour, StaffSafe® intervenes through two-way connectivity so that StaffSafe®’s experts in our 24/7 monitoring centre can become involved; they can interact, singling out and alerting offenders to the fact that they are being watched and diffuse the situation; they can reassure employees that experienced help is on hand to support them, give them advice, and allow them to ‘step away’ from the incident; and they can intervene, alerting the emergency services covertly so as not to escalate a threatening or potentially dangerous situation.

Messages over speaker systems from StaffSafe® deliver a ‘voice of authority’ and support situations where staff members may not feel comfortable getting involved, while CCTV helps to pinpoint individuals and provide descriptions to the police and emergency services.

The ‘restaurant closing’ function is also proving to be a highly popular feature. This message has been very successful in helping KFC staff to, politely but firmly, ask customers to leave by the appointed closing time and comfortably leaves staff to focus on their job and closing down procedures.


What do they think of StaffSafe® at KFC?

Alan Dobie, Asset Protection Officer for KFC in the UK and Ireland says: “I’ve got kids who are of working age and I hope that they would be protected by their employer and helped to keep safe like this in the workplace. Dealing with difficult and dangerous situations isn’t something front-line staff should have to face, and certainly not face alone. They should be left free to do their job. Our staff feel more protected with StaffSafe® and their morale is massively increased. The system helps to remove the point of conflict, gives strong back up support and shows you care about them.”

 “Dealing with difficult and dangerous situations isn’t something front-line staff should have to face, and certainly not face alone.” Asset protection, KFC UKI.



Health and safety of customers and staff is key

The first StaffSafe® system was installed in a McDonald’s in the UK in 2010, ‘Looking after our people and ensuring the health and safety of our customers and employees is our absolute priority. According to Mark Hathaway, Health & Safety Manager UK and ROI for McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd, ‘StaffSafe® gives us the knowledge that we’re doing the best we can to support the safety of our staff and customers where its most needed’.

Removing potential confrontation with StaffSafe®

Since the first successful trial of StaffSafe® eight years ago, the solution has been installed in over 70 per cent of McDonald’s restaurants, many of which are open 24/7, across the country. StaffSafe® plays a valuable role in removing potential points of conflict. Managers have recognised its benefits when dealing with incidents of antisocial behaviour and the unique support its two-way communication can give in the event of more serious security incidents.

Real time support

“The staff and managers know that help and reassurance are there whenever they need it,” says Mark Hathaway. “The StaffSafe® monitoring centre can see what is happening in real time and provide that assistance at the press of a button.”

A responsive solution

The regular reports on StaffSafe® activations also help to target where and when McDonald’s outlets might need more assistance and can be used by the company to analyse developing security trends.

“Over the last eight years, the team at StaffSafe® have been open and responsive to our needs and developing this security solution. We have comprehensive safety and security management systems which include detailed training for employees and regular checks to ensure the safety systems are operating effectively. StaffSafe® is a clear indication to our people that McDonald’s cares about their safety and wellbeing.”

William Hill



William Hill prides itself on being one of the most trusted brands in the marketplace, attracting millions of customers from around the world. It cares about its customers, providing them with a great service which is delivered by passionate staff. It therefore stands to reason that in its 2400 UK outlets, it looks after the health, safety and wellbeing of its staff with StaffSafe®.

Like bringing your dad to work

StaffSafe® began working with William Hill in 2009, installing the first system in one of their shops in Sheffield. This was put in on a trial basis, after which the shop manager asked for it not to be taken away as it was “fantastic”. The StaffSafe® system was then trialled in another 60 shops around the Liverpool area to support antisocial behaviour. Again, the reaction of the staff was overwhelming, with one staff member describing the solution as being so comforting it was “like bringing her dad to work with her.”

Growing and developing

Gerard Davies, Head of Retail Security for William Hill, says that the company has “been on a journey” with StaffSafe®. “The solution is adaptable and has grown and developed with our business. We started using the system to tackle antisocial behaviour and to give out alcohol announcements. However, this is now used to support colleagues during periods of lone working and as an intruder alarm. Immediate support is very important when there is an incident. It is so welcome when the StaffSafe® monitoring centre takes control of the situation through the two-way communication system. It gives immediate reassurance. And, as offenders know that we have the security measure in place, often this is enough to avoid any conflict and potentially threatening situation happening at all.”

Offers practical help

StaffSafe® has also had a huge impact on the company when it comes to burglary. “It offers practical help in a difficult situation. It provides support, such as the StaffSafe® monitoring centre being able to alert the police in a timely manner and to give crucial details, and helpful guidance in stressful circumstances, such as reminding staff to lock doors to keep themselves safe from any further harm until the emergency services arrive.”

Better for the bottom line

But it also helps the bottom line. Gerard Davies reports that the cost of burglaries has reduced by around 75 per cent over nine years and the number of incidents are less than a quarter of what they were. As the solution replaced a number of different security systems, this has also added value and provided a more efficient and effective service.

Good news all round

So, it’s good news all round. StaffSafe® supports the welfare and well being of staff and is also a business benefit. “It strengthens the psychological contract between the company and colleagues,” says Davies. “They can see that we care and the knock-on positive effect on employee engagement is undeniable. Davies believes that StaffSafe® is a great company to work with. “They are flexible, proactive, personable and always provide great customer service.”