Health and safety of customers and staff is key

The first StaffSafe® system was installed in a McDonald’s in the UK in 2010, ‘Looking after our people and ensuring the health and safety of our customers and employees is our absolute priority. According to Mark Hathaway, Health & Safety Manager UK and ROI for McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd, ‘StaffSafe® gives us the knowledge that we’re doing the best we can to support the safety of our staff and customers where its most needed’.

Removing potential confrontation with StaffSafe®

Since the first successful trial of StaffSafe® eight years ago, the solution has been installed in over 70 per cent of McDonald’s restaurants, many of which are open 24/7, across the country. StaffSafe® plays a valuable role in removing potential points of conflict. Managers have recognised its benefits when dealing with incidents of antisocial behaviour and the unique support its two-way communication can give in the event of more serious security incidents.

Real time support

“The staff and managers know that help and reassurance are there whenever they need it,” says Mark Hathaway. “The StaffSafe® monitoring centre can see what is happening in real time and provide that assistance at the press of a button.”

A responsive solution

The regular reports on StaffSafe® activations also help to target where and when McDonald’s outlets might need more assistance and can be used by the company to analyse developing security trends.

“Over the last eight years, the team at StaffSafe® have been open and responsive to our needs and developing this security solution. We have comprehensive safety and security management systems which include detailed training for employees and regular checks to ensure the safety systems are operating effectively. StaffSafe® is a clear indication to our people that McDonald’s cares about their safety and wellbeing.”

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