Counting the cost of Retail Crime

Time to count the real cost of retail crime – speak to StaffSafe® at the ACS Summit 2019

StaffSafe® has attended one of the key events of the year in the UK convenience store businesses’ calendar, the ACS Summit in Birmingham at the Vox Conference Centre. And the venue, this year, feels more than appropriate … Vox is a Latin phrase that literally means ‘voice of the people’ and is used in the English language to represent ‘the opinion of the majority of the people’.

At this event, StaffSafe® aims was talk to as many other visitors as possible about how they can help to give their front-line staff ‘a voice’ when it comes to their safety, security and well-being, especially in the light of two very prominent industry stories of violent crime in convenience stores that have appeared in the press this week. One woman in Crewe was injured during an armed robbery, a teenager in Surrey was jailed for threatening a woman store worker with an axe, and two men were arrested for the murder of a north London store owner.

CEO of StaffSafe® Paul Cullinan comments: “We’re all accustomed to seeing the statistics of daily crime targeted against this sector. Yet, even figures such as the Association of Convenience Store (ACS) 2019 Crime Report, with crime against convenience retailers costing the sector an estimated £246m over the last year and over 10,000 incidents of violence reported, can begin to feel like ‘just a number’. As employers, it is our duty to look at the real cost of this crime – in human terms, and the impact on our employees. At StaffSafe®, we witness first-hand just how horrific some of these incidents are and what impact this can have on the people working in retail, from physical injury to trauma, long-term mental health problems, and the inability to return to work.”

StaffSafe® supports the government’s call to action for retailers, trade associations and unions to come forward with real evidence to understand the true scale of violent retail crime; the measures which could help prevent it; and the extent existing legislation is being used to tackle it. The four key areas of the consultation, which is open for 12 weeks until 28 June 2019, are prevalence and data; prevention and support; enforcement and the criminal justice system; and best practice.

Minister for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability, Victoria Atkins says: “Everyone has the right to feel safe at work and I know these crimes can have a significant impact on victims as well as retailers, customers and the wider community.”

Retailers can support the call for evidence by reporting their experience via the link:

Paul will be delighted to discuss StaffSafe® today, and to share best security and industry practice, while at this important event that aims to raise the industry bar through discussion and innovation.

StaffSafe® is a bespoke, specialist security solution that provides a unique, real-time, three-way communication between retail employees, StaffSafe®’s team of experts and the emergency services to Intervene, Interact and Assure. Unlike alarm receiving centres, StaffSafe®’s team is on hand 24 hours a day to take control, diffuse conflict and support exactly when help is needed. Knowing that help is immediately on hand increases staff well-being, gives them a greater feeling of appreciation and helps them to return as quickly as possible, should they be involved in any incidents.

Contact Paul Cullinan, via his LinkedIn page, if you’re available for a chat today.