Conflict can ignite from the smallest word or action and poorly navigated conflict can spark destructive responses and behaviours, while effective communication can reduce confrontation, provide positive support and protection for staff, and resolve situations that could harm staff, property and trade. Effective communication is essential during threatening and dangerous situations and so, it stands to reason that, in an emotionally charged and fast-moving situation, two-way communication is everything when it comes to support.

Unique two-way communication solution

That is why StaffSafe® clients and their employees have grown to rely on the company’s unique solution that talks to staff 24/7 through real-time, two-way verbal and visual connectivity to control potentially threatening and dangerous situations.

From the StaffSafe® monitoring centre, highly trained and experienced call handlers use key crisis communications skills, such as active listening and asking questions for clarity, to play an important role in effectively managing conflict. Working from carefully developed, bespoke scripts that cover a range of scenarios to meet the precise needs of the client, the StaffSafe® team talks to your employees and to unwanted visitors and shoplifters to deescalate the situation, support the staff with vital advice on security processes to keep themselves and the premises safe, and to offer reassurance that help is on its way.

Our unique solution is highly personal, and is constantly developed through listening and learning, to provide peace of mind for our clients, and their employees and customers. Each week, we receive a test call from every client site to assure staff that they can be confident of a prompt response and of live, real-time support exactly when they need it.

And, in the case of lone working, our service of proactively calling employees every 15 minutes to detect staff inactivity, brings reassurance that any problems or danger to their employees will be quickly picked up and acted upon.

StaffSafe®’s active dialogue goes over and above other security alarm and monitoring systems to achieve the very best results for our clients, enhancing safety and wellbeing, and reducing injury, sickness and losses to ensure that their sites are peaceful and pleasant for customers to visit and, most importantly, for their staff to work in.