Many retail roles leave staff feeling vulnerable and exposed. This is especially true when asking for ID, imposing alcohol restrictions, asking unwelcome visitors and suspected shoplifters to leave, working night shifts, opening and closing premises, carrying the day’s takings, receiving deliveries, and crossing empty car parks.

The traditional role of the lone worker has changed dramatically too as employers are increasingly forced to streamline staffing levels. Walking around a busy high street, it seems difficult to believe that many of the frontline staff are working alone but, as job roles in the retail sector change, so do the range, severity and frequency of risks faced by employees.

Who could intervene?

Given the ever-increasing likelihood of one of your staff being exposed to verbal abuse, physical assault or even armed robbery, who would intervene in response to a vulnerable worker?

If this is left to other staff, members of the public, or a simple panic button security alarm system, this could potentially cause very serious hazardous and dangerous results. At a time of great need, this scenario increases the risk and intensifies the danger to the staff member by involving others who are likely to be ill-equipped to help manage the situation, while a panic button will simply summon a return phone-call or a 20 minute police response.

How StaffSafe Steps in

StaffSafe® connects vulnerable workers through covert triggers, which are either located in the premises or worn on the body, with a 24 hour monitoring centre. Here, the experienced and highly trained staff can take control of the situation, through CCTV and two-way audio communications, to tailor responses round each individual situation and each individual client’s requirement. The monitoring centre staff can listen covertly to an incident while relaying information to the emergency services, or interact in real time to warn unwanted visitors and prompt them to leave. For unoccupied premises, StaffSafe® becomes an audio verified intruder alarm, linked to an existing alarm system, for enhanced security.

At StaffSafe®, we are unique in our commitment to placing ourselves alongside your employees and right at the centre of verbal conflict or physical danger to support their health, safety and wellbeing. Our bespoke, comprehensive and flexible solution can give true comfort and confidence to staff, even if they are working alone