Our latest Quick Service Restaurant product

StaffSafe® is proud to reveal our new-look QSR control panel. Why not take a look…

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This fronts the ultra-fast connectivity and advanced technology behind our system, used by the major fast food retailers in the UK, that puts retail staff in immediate 2-way contact with our highly trained professionals who intervene, take control, and provide reassurance in dangerous and life-threatening situations.

Our system is used by all the major brands working in the quick service restaurant sector in the UK and the new pictured control panel provides even more streamlined and customisable features. For example:

Audible Assistance for personalised or pre-recorded warnings

Silent Assist – where any sound or audible alert could make a situation worse, our staff become the eyes and ears to support your staff and get the right help

ASB and Lockdown – our staff will have worked with you on an agreed response to your most common problems and requirement, from intervention in anti-social behaviour to an immediate lockdown procedure

Restaurant closing – a routine customer announcement that allows your staff to get on with the job in hand and without any difficult situations

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