StaffSafe Heroes

IMG_0969StaffSafe® is more than its ultra-fast connectivity and the advanced technology behind the system… even more important is its unique ability to put front-line staff in immediate contact with a highly trained professional person in our monitoring centre who intervenes, takes control, and provides the reassurance and assurance that is essential when employees are faced with a stressful, dangerous or life-threatening situation.

And so, each month, we’re celebrating our StaffSafe Heroes, the people who work in our business with around-the-clock dedication to give our clients invaluable support, right when they need it most.

We’re proud to announce that our StaffSafe Hero for May is Nicky Paton. Thank you Nicky for your commitment, positive attitude and the wealth of knowledge you bring to StaffSafe.

StaffSafe Hero – Nicky Paton

Nicky is responsible for operations, staff training and liaising with clients in our monitoring centre in Dumfries. He has been working with our company for over 7 years now.

Read more about Nicky and what he does:

What does your day consist of?

It can be quite difficult to explain to people what we do… it’s so much more than ‘security’. I see our job as protecting client welfare, looking after and protecting staff at the front-line of retail, or lone workers. One minute we can be speaking to someone about how to deal with rowdy teenagers spitting in a fast-food restaurant or the next we could be supporting someone who is being held at gun-point in a local convenience store. It’s about customer care.

When we respond to calls, our experience of managing a whole range of complex situations and dealing with people enables us to think quickly, efficiently and effectively. We are highly trained and understand just how important our words and actions are in taking control, supporting the appropriate action, and providing reassurance.

And we don’t end the call until we have dealt with the threat or alerted the emergency services, only when the staff member feels safe and confident to carry on their duties will we move on to the next call.

Has your role changed or the nature of situations you deal with changed over the years?

The number of incidents has certainly grown and client demand has increased. We have developed from providing a ‘want to have’ service to a ‘must have’ service. We have demonstrated the positive results our service can provide and to many, this has become a necessity.

The type of clients has changed too… we used to work with a lot of smaller independents, and we now also work with numerous high-end, blue-chip companies also.

Why is what you do important?

It’s so important for us to be able to take away the worry from front-line staff who could potentially come into contact with aggression, threats and even physical danger when dealing with customers. Facing this every day leads to stress, and possibly even mental health issues and injury. We’re trained in crisis intervention. It’s what we’re good at, and it’s helpful for our clients’ employees to know that a professional company is close by to take control of difficult and dangerous situations for them, providing them with practical support and reassurance. This allows them to get on with the job that they are good at and paid to do, and hopefully helps them to enjoy it more.

As many more lone-worker situations arise, it’s good for us to be quickly accessible at the end of a covert trigger, so that people who have to work alone don’t feel isolated and unsafe. It gives them more confidence in their work.

And as crime rates change, and the capacity for police to respond reduces, I feel we increasingly provide a vital service.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Every day is different and you’ll never deal with the same call twice and in the same way. Each client’s requirements must be met in a bespoke way too. It’s always changing and always provides a challenge.

I thrive on being able to make a difference and in knowing that our clients understand that we make every effort we can to help them. It’s good to know that we share, and can contribute to, our clients’ high standards and goals. And I feel like we’re on the front-line too with our clients’ employees.

I enjoy working in a team of professionals who also proud of their job and who take every step possible to provide the best service.

I feel that my job is unique and, whilst it’s based on latest technology, it’s mostly about people. People do what technology will never be able to do – display empathy.